We are headquartered in San Jose, California, with engineering teams India.  Our mission is to enable AI for Everyone with software-defined AI processors for on-device inference and adaptive training targeting intelligent devices.

Our founder and CEO, Gajendra Prasad “GP” Singh, spent his early career at Sun on SPARC development teams.  While working at one of the early companies developing AI for data centers, GP and a group of semiconductor veterans began to think about how AI might be executed on a device.  They believed for AI to “run on-device”, an architecture would need to be designed from the ground up.  The group launched Ambient Scientific, Inc. in 2017.

Ambient exited stealth mode after developing the Ambient DigAn™ AI Technology Suite.  The DigAn™ architecture powers the company’s GPX series of AI processors.  With the GPX series, the Ambient SDK and TrainingVault, developers can build powerful AI inference and training applications for on-device, in-client, and edge servers.

Gajendra Prasad Singh, CEO
Our Vision

AI will be everywhere enabling devices to infer and learn from their ambient surroundings.

Our Mission

To be the #1 software-defined AI edge processor company making artificial intelligence easy to program, affordable to deploy and usable by everyone.