Ambient Scientific Introduces Partner Ecosystem with Breakthrough AI Processor Platform DIGANT.AI

January 5, 2024
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Ambient Scientific Inc., a pioneer in low-power AI architecture, announces the availability of its innovative DIGANT.AI platform for its family of AI processors. DIGANT.AI has been developed ground-up to deliver industry-best real-time, On Device and Edge AI performance with the lowest power consumption, highest compute density to provide complete solution stack, and best total cost of ownership.

The Edge computing market is projected to reach more than $100B by 2027 with a CAGR of 17.8%. The key driver is the rising demand for low-latency, battery-powered and real-time, autonomous decision-making solutions. The market demands ultra-low-power Artificial Intelligence solutions for voice, sensor-fusion, and computer vision applications for embedded Edge applications.

The market ready DIGANT.AI platform by Ambient Scientific provides a complete hardware and software solution. The high efficiency AI computing operation is made possible by DigAn™, our groundbreaking AI computing architecture powered by advanced custom circuit blocks including matrix-computer, 3D memories, asynchronous clocking schemes, etc. The DIGANT.AI platform includes a specially designed sensor fusion data path that is further enhanced by our proprietary Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that can collect up to a million samples per second from multiple sensors simultaneously yet consumes only 5-microwatt of power with a rate of 20,000 Samples Per Second, which is unprecedented in this category. Developed as part of the DIGANT.AI platform, the GPX-10 processor can be dynamically programmed to operate with multiple operand resolutions from 4-bits to 32-bits, to balance power and accuracy. Based on application requirements, DIGANT.AI optimizations enable inference operations with power consumption as low as only 80-microwatt for voice and Sensor Fusion applications. Ambient Scientific’s GPX AI processors are true microprocessors that are exceptionally flexible to program. Using the advanced software stack included in the SDK, OEMs can differentiate their solutions with DIGANT.AI, a truly programmable AI platform.

“Intelligent Edge IoT applications are growing rapidly and looking for out-of-box solutions for battery operated devices, the growth limited only by lack of sufficiently low power consumption,” said GP Singh, Founder and CEO at Ambient Scientific. “Our vision for the DIGANT.AI platform is structured with the goal of eliminating this bottleneck to enable our customers to build solutions that they previously could only dream about. DIGANT.AI, with AI processors like GPX-10 and GPX-5, combined with our advanced Software Development Kit (SDK) and Evaluation Kit (EVK), enable lowest-power AI for voice, computer vision, and Sensor Fusion applications.” Mr. Singh added, “We’re thrilled to work with our customers and partners at IRIS, EagleSens and GSV Microtechnology as they implement our DIGANT.AI platform to develop or enhance their market-leading products.”

Personal security market is growing rapidly and looking for innovative solutions to make our families and businesses safer. Emergence Technologies is set to launch a line of state-of-the-art security products in 2023. IRIS, with over two decades of experience in deploying security and infrastructure solutions in industrial and consumer applications worldwide, are manufacturing these security products for Emergence Technologies. “We are very excited about incorporating the high potential features such as Voice-ID and In-Field programming, enabled by DIGANT.AI with our security products,” said Deepak Chandran, Chief Innovation Officer of Emergence Technologies.

“EagleSens has been developing cutting edge Camera solutions,” said Garry Zhang, Founder, President, and CEO of EagleSens, Inc. “We’re very excited with the potential of ultra-low power programmable AI capabilities of DIGANT.AI for our recursive Zoom applications. We are looking forward to the launch of our ultra-small battery powered camera products in 2023, enabled by DIGANT.AI.”

“For over three decades, GSV Microtechnology has been a trusted partner for utility measurement solutions in Asian and Middle Eastern markets,” said Ganesh Raja, CEO at GSV Microtechnology. “We’re very excited with the potential of ultra-low power Sensor Fusion AI capabilities of the DIGANT.AI platform. We are looking forward to the launch of our AI-powered Smart Water Meter in 2023, enabled by DIGANT.AI.”

About Ambient Scientific, Inc.

Ambient Scientific is a leading developer of industry’s lowest-power, programmable AI processors designed to address the explosive demand for inference and training in edge and battery-operated AI devices giving both connected and unconnected devices and appliances their own personalities. Ambient’s AI processor, microcontroller products and software libraries are designed to bring a plethora of exciting new innovative products to the market quickly. By enabling AI at the edge, Ambient’s technology plays a key role in sustainable computing by alleviating data traffic across networks and reducing the demand on the cloud datacenters which today power most of the AI inference and training resources.

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